How Positive Thinking Can Save Your Life

How Positive Thinking Can Save Your Life

Can positive thinking actually save your life?

Here I share a story of a doctor who was diagnosed with a terrible case of cancer- she was given a 5% chance of surviving more than 6 months.

I kept in close contact with her- through nasty chemo, radiation, multiple surgeries…It was a really tough, heavy duty situation.

I talk about it casually here, but trust me, it was really heartrending to witness.

Here’s the thing: through it all she had an amazingly positive attitude.

She understood her predicament (she’s a doctor, right?!)
She demonstrated a blend of realistic thinking and positive hope.
She kept on fighting.
She never intended to give up the fight.
She did things to try to help herself

Would you believe me when I say that she SURVIVED!

Here is the takeaway: I am convinced that her positive attitude literally saved her life!

Think about your life: how can positive thinking make your life better?

We all face stressful situations at times and, yes, its true, even yours truly sometimes freaks out! But that underlying attitude- is it positive or more on the negative side.

Listen to your inner voice. Be honest with yourself. I hope you are never put to the same test as my friend, the doctor, but you should try to apply the same thinking that she showed during her intense struggle. I am sure that positive thinking can save your life!

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