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I'm Dov Marcus, rabbi and registered nurse, director of Spiritual Nursing. Thank you for visiting our site! If you haven't done so yet, I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter and updates.

When I became a nurse in 2011, I was ready to take on the world of illness and suffering.

Or so I thought!

I dressed up in my scrubs, threw a stethoscope around my neck, and got a job treating patients with advanced lung disease. Many of them had had double lung transplant and I found myself at the forefront of modern medicine.

My thinking was: If I can help people breathe, I can do anything.

On my first day in the hospital I meandered into a room and saw that the patient's oxygen level was at 67%!

It was an emergency!

I yelled to a passing doctor, who sauntered into the room. Through panicked words I told him that the patient was suffocating before our eyes! What should I do?

The doctor didn't break a sweat. He looked at me, slowly glanced at his watch, and said the six words which I will never forget:

Did you look at the patient?

It was only then that I realized that my patient was fine. He had been sitting in his bed, reading a newspaper, and the oxygen sensor lost its grip on his finger. His breathing was fine, he was going to survive; I was the one who needed to take a breath.

I learned a great lesson that day: healthcare has gotten so very complicated that it is easy to forget about our dear, suffering patients. I decided to take this lesson and broadcast it to the world.

In fact, that's probably why you are here right now!! :)

But what can an individual nurse do when the entire system is circling the drain? Let's remember the core purpose of healthcare: Healthcare is about one individual helping another. Take that desire away and you've got problems!

In time I came to realize that if you want to change the world, or share a positive message on a large scale, you must begin one-to-one.

Here is my mission: to talk to people from the heart, to bring a positive, holistic message to our dear patients and staff; to change healthcare for the better, to make people feel understood and cared for. This, I believe, is how people can begin to heal!

Look around healthcare. Mega hospital systems, professional staff, ridiculous billing, incredible technology. We are able to treat people in a way that our predecessors could only imagine. One would expect our patients to feel super special!

Still, patients tell me that they feel forgotten. Lots of them. It's kind of like the elephant in the healthcare room, and folks' ability to perceive it varies upon the individual and circumstances.

Here's how it works: someone is sick and goes to the hospital. Enter the system as a number, go from department to department, meet specialists galore. Some nurses are friendly and others quite bitter. The spiritual state of healthcare is ailing, bent over, sick.

Don't despair! There is always hope!

And that's SpiritualNursing.com in a nutshell!

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